Green Lunar Midge™


I developed this midge over the past 10 years on the Big Horn. It works terrific wherever midges are present. The beauty of this pattern is that it provides all 4 of a nymph’s requisite characteristics: silhouette, translucency, segmentation and color. Other providers might have some of these features, but never all 4 in one package! Nothing else on the market can match this pattern’s effectiveness. The beadheads will cover 90% of your fishing situations; the beadless patterns are for fishing within a few inches of the surface or in the film itself.

Note on Hook sizing: All of my Lunar midges (except Red, Cream & Diamond) are tied on a Tiemco 1x short curved hook (#2457 or #2487). To help you with sizes, this is 1 shank length shorter than a std dry fly hook; my #18 = #20 dry fly hook in overall size). The Red, Cream & Diamond midges are tied on a 3x long nymph hook (Tiemco #200R); my #18 = #16 dry fly hook in overall size. Remember that the Cream and Green Lunar midges also work great for a Caddis Larva in sizes #16 and #18!

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