Fly Fishing Dry Flies for Sale

Dry flies are a popular means of catching trout, especially for fly fishers looking for both convenience and entertainment. Since dry flies float on the surface of a pond, river, or lake — just like live insects would — they draw trout to the top of the water, making for a more visually impressive catching experience.

Those using dry flies for trout fishing can also take advantage of the entire body of water. While fly fishers using wet flies, or nymphs, must remain in an area with a bit more depth, fly fishers using dry flies aren’t limited to one section of the water. They can drop attractors just about anywhere.

Some of the best trout flies used for dry fly fishing include:

Caddis flies

Caddis flies can be found in the majority of trout streams, and they’re an effective way of locating active fish. Caddis flies have a complete life cycle, but only the ones in the adult stage can be used for dry patterns. Caddis flies in dry patterns tend to be buoyant, so they’re especially effective in rough or moving water.


Mayflies are a regular part of a trout’s diet, and they’re often a go-to for fly fishers looking for bait. Mayfly hatches occur from spring through the fall, so they can be used most of the year. Imitating specific mayflies can be an especially effective fly-fishing strategy, but even beginners can take advantage of basic mayfly patterns to catch at least a few trout.


Unlike dry caddis flies and mayflies, dry stoneflies are best used in specific rivers and seasonally. They float well and are more commonly found in streams and rivers, but it’s worth looking into whether stoneflies hatch in a specific location before using them as the base of your pattern.


Terrestrials mimic bugs like grasshoppers and ants, so the summer is the ideal time to keep a few of these patterns in your fly box.

Browse through our selection of dry flies below and put our dry flies to the test during your next fly fishing adventure.