Fly Fishing Tying Materials for Sale

Serious anglers keep a variety of patterns in their fly box, as the recipe for drawing in fish is often dependent on several factors, from the body of water to the current season. Using the best fly-fishing tying materials available to create these patterns plays its own role in luring and catching your prize. That’s why Quill Gordon offers an unmatched selection of custom-tied fly-tying supplies for sale.

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Whether you’re looking to adorn dry fly patterns, nymph/wet fly patterns, or streamers, we’ve got something in our collection for you. Our lineup includes threads of all colors and sizes, along with high-quality synthetic and natural materials. From the usual dubbing to more impressive furs and feathers, there are plenty of materials to choose from.

Of course, you’ll need a hook to serve as the base of your pattern. Quill Gordon stocks dry fly hooks, nymph/wet fly hooks, and streamer hooks in a range of sizes and metals.

Dry Fly Hooks

Dry fly hooks tend to be smaller and more lightweight than wet fly hooks and streamer hooks. That’s because the flies tied to them typically float at the top of the water, making them less likely to fall off.

Nymph/Wet Fly Hooks

Wet fly patterns often require hooks that are larger and sharper because they’ll need to hold onto the fly (and the fish) beneath the water. Wet fly hooks are available in light, medium, and heavy weights. The hook you choose will depend on the specific pattern and fly you’re using, but we have a wide range of wet fly hooks to meet your needs.

Streamer Hooks

Due to the wide variety of streamers anglers can use in their patterns, streamer hooks vary in weight and size depending on what you’re using.

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