Distinctive, Custom-tied Trout Flies & No Imports Allowed!

Flies, flies, everywhere trout flies for sale! Who should you buy your trout flies from? Don’t spend your hard-earned dollars to buy cheap, discounted imported flies for sale online when you can buy the best custom fly patterns available at reasonable prices from the “Quill” himself!

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Proven Their Superiority On The Trout Streams

Custom Dual Trout Flies for SaleQuill Gordon Fly Fishers is home to distinctive, custom-tied trout flies developed from decades of fly tying and fly fishing experience. All the trout flies offered for sale here are personally custom-tied by Gordon Rose from his vise in Sheridan, Wyoming (for more on “Quill” Gordon, click here). These fly patterns have proven their superiority on the trout streams of Colorado, Wyoming and Montana. They’ll work anywhere you enjoy to fly fish for trout!

Watch through the coming months for the addition of more trout fly patterns (stoneflies, grasshoppers and other custom-tied flies), along with various fly tying materials for sale at great prices!

The Quill Himself, Gordon

Who Is Quill Gordon?

I’m Quill Gordon! Well, not actually. The Quill Gordon is a very old eastern trout fly developed by the famed Theodore Gordon. Quill’s a nickname given me when I started in the commercial fly fishing business over 30 years ago.

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