Since many fly fishers pursue trout, trout flies are among the most common type used in fly-fishing patterns. Quill Gordon offers custom trout flies designed for a range of different hatches, and we can help you find patterns suited for your specific fly fishing needs.

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If you’re newer to choosing fly fishing patterns, you may find yourself asking this question: What are the best trout flies to use when fly fishing? Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer.

Different fishing scenarios will call for different patterns, which is why Quill Gordon offers a wide variety of custom-tied trout flies to choose from.

Types of flies commonly used to catch trout include:

Dry Flies

Custom Dry Flies

Dry flies land on the surface of the water and remain there, just as a live insect landing on a body of water would. They attract fish closer to the surface and provide a more visually interesting fishing experience. Common dry flies used in fly-fishing patterns are dry mayflies, dry caddis flies, dry stoneflies, and midge dry flies.


Custom Nymphs

Nymphs float beneath the surface of the water, mimicking the underwater insects that reside in lakes, ponds, or rivers. These types of patterns tend to be some of the most effective and efficient means of catching trout. Common nymphs used to create patterns include mayfly nymphs, caddisfly nymphs, stonefly nymphs, and midge nymphs. 

Trout Streamers

Custom Trout Streamers

Trout streamers tend to mimic insects found at the bottom of a body of water, such as leeches or baitfish. Because they imitate larger insects, streamers are usually the ideal choice for anglers attempting to reel in a larger trout.

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