Nymph/Wet Fly Hooks for Trout Fly Fishing

When using wet flies and nymphs to lure trout, it is essential anglers have high-quality hooks that can withstand the water and any resistance from their catch. Quill Gordon carries wet fly hooks in a range of sizes and metals, so you can choose which is best suited to the environment you’re fishing in, and the type of trout you’re hoping to catch.

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Quill Gordon’s collection of nymph hooks and wet fly hooks for trout come from a number of different manufacturers, some more well-known than others. Since the size, shape, and metal of a hook are contingent on the type of patterns you’re creating, what you choose will ultimately depend how you plan to use it.

No one likes watching their catch escape thanks to a bent or broken hook, so making sure to research the ideal hook for your chosen pattern is an important part of the process.

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